yurbuds® Review and Giveaway


I am excited to bring you my inaugural review for a product I use. I won  several pairs of yurbuds® in a contest so I was neither given them for review nor did I purchase them. I have used them for several months now and thought I would offer up my opinion. I also wanted to do a giveaway for a pair as well so that anyone with a desire to try them out would have a chance to. So without further ado, here we go!

The yurbuds® Ironman series sport earphones are designed to be used for what it sounds like, a set of earphones designed to use during exercise and/or sport activity. Yurbuds® niche in the earphone market is an earphone that is “guaranteed to never fall out”.  They incorporate a twist lock design that is basically an offset rubber cap that you slide into your ear and twist into place, therefore, keeping it fit snugly in the ear while you are bouncing around doing whatever activity you do.

Yurbuds® come in many different models depending on the different feature beyond the standard twist lock design. Some have special coating on the wire which is a tangle free Kevlar® cord. Some have behind the ear loops for additional support. Some come with poaches to carry them in or some even come with a microphone for talking on your phone with.

The model I have been using is the yurbuds® Inspire Ironman edition with the tangle free Kevlar® cord. I had been looking for a good pair of sport earphones to wear while I run. Since I am starting to run between 5 and 20 miles on a given day, I needed something that I didn’t have to worry about fiddling with as exercised. Nothing bugs me more than having to fiddle with tech while I am trying to run.

I was very happy to have won the yurbuds® in a contest as it gave me a chance to give them a try without having to commit to forking over my hard earned cash.

Here is what I like about them. First, they are true to their word about staying secure in your ear. By far this is their more prominent feature.  They stay put when you are plodding errr running along and they seal in your ear to keep the sweat out. A little story that sold me on this feature was when I was out running and my wife called me. I thought that it might be an emergency so I yanked my earphones out and answered the phone. After realizing she forgot I was out running and we hung up, I noticed the rubber cover was missing so I doubled back on the running path to search for it. After walking for about 5-10 minutes scanning the ground, I reached up and sure enough, the cover was still stuck in my ear. I have pulled the speaker out of its cover. Now that is staying power. I also enjoy the sound from the yurbuds®. While not an audiophile’s dream, they have a pretty good sound considering they are sport ear buds.  They are pretty lightweight and they can be cleaned easily.

The only drawback that really isn’t a drawback at all is the tangle free Kevlar® cord. They do still tangle a little. Less than standard iPhone® ones, but somehow they always have a loose knot in them.

So from my perspective, I can clearly recommend yurbuds® as a great sport earphone.  They have done me well and when they wear out or get lost, I will be looking to replace them with the same.

If you would like more information, peruse the models or find out technical details, by all means visit their website at http://yurbuds.com/

And now for the giveaway! Please use the rafflecopter® widget over on my Facebook page.  One winner will be selected randomly.The prize is one pair of yurbuds® inspire Ironman series w/mic Model 10114 – color is white

And please take the time to visit my Team ASPCA fundraising page. While not required for the giveaway, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be raffling off a great prize pack sometime soon so please keep following.

Please go to my Facebook page and use the rafflecopter widget from there or click below to enter.



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  1. As long as the headphones are better than the Iphone armband…

  2. I hate it when the cord on my headphones pulls down while I run. Nothing worse than spending energy lifting one’s head up over and over again while fighting residence from the cord! Fortunately I don’t have that problem with Yurbuds–mine are great!

  3. I’ve never been able to find a pair of headphones I like to wear. Maybe these would be different.

  4. Mine biggest complaint would be the app crashing. Nothing like doing a run and at the end find out your app crashed 3 miles ago…

  5. I really hate when my headphones fall out!

  6. Yurbuds are my favorites! I’m trying to convert all my friends to wearing them!

  7. Great giveaway! Yurbuds are sweat proof and don’t slip out like little slippery earbuds do. Now following 🙂

  8. My biggest complaint would be my earbuds falling out because of my small ear canals haha

  9. I hate when sweat makes the earbuds loose/ fall out. even if they stay in, sometime a little bit of moisture will sneak in there and give an irritiating “squishing” sound…

  10. Great Giveaway. Following via bloglovin.

  11. I have been using Yurbuds for over a year now and I LOVE them! They are the only earbuds that actually stay in when I run.

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yurbuds!!!! What an awesome giveaway!

  13. For some reason my left earbud constantly falls out!! It’s frustrating!

  14. This one is really user error, but I hate when I think everything is charged, only to find something DOA at the start of my run.

  15. Yurbuds are the best!!! I hate it when I forget to charge my Garmin and have to use the App and iPhone armband! You really don’t know how aggravating that thing is until you’ve run without it! Great giveaway!

  16. I actually just received the Armband for my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I enjoy it so far. We picked up some of the Yurbuds for women for my wife 2 weeks ago as we were leaving for our honeymoon and she loves them. I’ve been wanting to try some out myself.

    I dislike when the GPS doesn’t pick up right and it says I ran like 5 miles when the route I planned was only 4 and I know I’m only half way into it. #runnerProbs

  17. Great giveaway!! I HATE when the headphones come out of my ears (happens at least once while running).

  18. I hate it when my earbuds fall out during a run!

  19. My buds never stay put!! I have small ears!!

  20. My earbuds never stay in place and cord bounce

  21. I hate when the cord gets all tangled up in my arms when i’m running…..or sticks to my arm because of the sweat. annoying!

  22. I don’t even run with music anymore because the earbuds are just such a hassle. I’d love to try the Yurbuds!!

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